The ones yet in their 30s might plead difference in opinion but the fact is that the late 20s is a sacred, must-strike-out-all-from-bucket-list kind of zone. Because well, ‘30s is another (older/jinxed) decade of existence.’ Later, everyone realises that 96.35% of the things are whimsical and hyped in the 20-somethings’ universe. But, still, if you’re in your 20s and have already started having serious FoMo for the age bracket, here are things you can buy now that might bring you back your peace and maintain it till you slip into 30s: 1. A position in the office that isn’t easily replaceable Or one that pricks your employer hard if you leave it vacant, a designation that you truly deserve. And well, you need to work your fine backside off well to ensure you have one.


2. A pet that you have named, and which responds diligently only to your call Because pets and kids nurture a part of your brain that men, work and family individually won’t. Let that part grow. Get yourself a pet.


3. An apartment, no matter rented, in your name Your own living space. Deck it up, let every corner in it reflect a part of your mind. Learn to love your independence, the solitude.


4. A wardrobe full of dream labels Because in the near future, there would happen either of the two things: a) The content of wardrobe will multiply or b) You’ll outgrow the transient craze and invest into things that’ll define your life not your bank-balance.


5. You need to own an argument with a hypocrite mumbling muck about India, Indians, women, life, God Find yourself, where you belong. Take a stand, support a school of thought so diligently that all mortals bow to the sensible argument.


6. A merit in a subject you heartily love No matter it’s a portfolio of your 10 different pairs of socks.


7. A blog/ a page/ a handle on social media Write, post pictures, talk, discuss, connect. Invest into digital, explore this space. A time will come when you’ll feel too old to keep up with technology.


8. A expensive showpiece no one would buy even on OLX Let it bite your pocket and make you bleed for the next few decades. Let your children slowclap at your guts.


9. A solitaire Before you princes hobbles to make it to your doorstep. You aren’t waiting that long to grace your finger, are you?


10. An FD out of your savings You’ll need it after you wake up from the nightmare of all these amateurish spendings.

That’s about it, girl! Clock’s ticking. Contemplate. Hurry up for what’s worth!