They all talk about things that you need to do or get before turning 30 but nobody really tells you about the things you must HAVE to be able to tread through the 30s peacefully. We aren’t like others, we’ll unravel that mystery for you. Here are the essentials you NEED before turning 30:

1. Lots and lots of coconut oil!

It’s the 30s when every breed of lines and wrinkles starts becoming prominent on face. Yes, it’s really cool to embrace all changes that come with come with age but it’s no harm handling them smartly either. Coconut oil does sorcery on skin, use it everywhere, every night!

2. A novel by an author whose writing you don’t understand on a subject you hate!

Leave nothing untouched, to be able to hate something, you ought to know it well enough to hate it whole-heartedly. Know/read/find something you don’t know already. Learn to stand things you aren’t fond of. You cannot hate no book for long.

3. Bra with the right hook and cup size! Finally, please!

Before your package starts to sag. Yep, 30s is the start of every kind of ‘loosening up’. Don’t do much, just be prepared. Age defying looks aren’t a rage anymore, they’re a norm. Just saying.

4. A good pair of sneakers and well-snug trackpants

Because if you didn’t need it/do it in your 20s, do it now! Because hello! The floodgates to stubborn lovehandles and ailing knees open just during this decade of existence. Stay armoured.

5. A best friend you’ve crossed the 7-year itch with. It can be more than one too

Honestly, it’s during the mid-20s itself that your buddy-mate has entered your life. If your life is devoid of one then you gotta do some serious contemplation, babe. Why?

6. A tale of mad risk-taking to narrate

Take risks, make memories that you can flaunt or ones that’ll haunt. Later, in majority of the cases you lose the enthusiasm for stupidity.

7. A strong bond with your fam

Honestly, every year as age claims a woman, a new kind of confidence sweeps over her but the flip side of that confidence is grave insecurity. It’s during a change of phase in life that one realises how crucial it is to have your folks by your side. Weave your relations strong.

8. A stable job

From which you have earned enough to go glob-trotting for the next few years without having to resort to loans.

9. A routine

A healthy one, which includes workout and disciplined eating.

10. Maybe, a soulmate

They might take long to arrive but when they do, you know. Stick to them for life. Make it official, maybe… How many have you got in your kitty, girl?